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High Blood Pressure & Peripheral Artery Disease!

High Blood Pressure
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Without Drugs!

If you suffer with Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, or Peripheral Artery Disease, and have been forced to take prescription drugs that can harm your body, and do little more then keep your condition from getting worse, you need to know that there is a safe natural cure for these afflictions.

It’s true…They are safe, simple, natural home remedies that will cure these afflictions, and allow you to discontinue using those unsafe drugs forever! There are no exotic herbs involved, and there are no negative side effects…Only a multitude of additional health benefits that will amaze you.

And The Results Are 100% Guaranteed!

Where These Cures Came From

These cures came from a time long forgotten. A time when doctors relied on proven natural remedies instead of drug company propaganda…when natural medicine was the only treatment they knew.

Why Hasn’t Your Doctor Told You
About These Cures?

The simple truth is your doctor probably never heard of them. They are not taught in medical school, and never will be. Why? Because they cannot be patented, and if these secrets were widely known, it would take BILLIONS of Dollars out of the medical and drug industry’s pockets.

Cholesterol: Within a few short weeks your Triglyceride, and good and bad Cholesterol levels will normalize, and you will be able to eat just about any foods you want to without strict dietary concerns. This is possible because these powerful natural health secrets counteract the effects of offending foods at the same time they are cleansing your veins and arteries of plaque, sludge, and blockages. Don't be surprised if your doctor tells you that your cholesterol levels are better then normal when you go in for your next checkup!

High Blood Pressure: If the underlying cause for your high blood pressure is due to cholesterol, hardening, clogs, or restrictions in your veins and arteries, you will see your blood pressure gradually normalize as you continue the regime. Unlike the prescription drugs that work through your lungs, the health secrets work in a safe, natural way by simply adding elasticity to your veins and arteries.

Peripheral Artery Disease: As strange as it may seem, the onset of Peripheral Artery Disease can be a blessing in disguise. For many people it serves as an early warning sign of a condition that can lead to a pending heart attack or stroke.

The conventional medical treatments for this affliction are drugs that can only stall the progress of the disease (not cure it), and invasive surgery involving the implantation of a Stent. (Angioplasty) This usually only offers temporary relief, as cholesterol drugs seldom have the ability to prevent a reoccurrence of the blockage. The same reoccurrence can happen after bypass surgery.

The only way to avoid the same problems in the future, and return to living a normal life, is to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And, this is where Mother Nature comes in.

Now we can cure this disease naturally and permanently without drugs or surgery. Just give Mother Nature's cures the chance, and she will show you how to treat the cause of the disease, not just the effects.

If you click on the PAD page above, it will provide more information about the causes and cure for PAD.

Why the Medical Establishment Will Never Cure PAD!

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Note: It is not uncommon to experience instant improvement just by performing simple, gentle artery-stretching exercises that help to remove blockages in the areas that cause PAD. Doing these special exercises, along with using the Health Secrets, can dramatically speed recovery for PAD sufferers. They are easy to do at any age, and once your PAD symptoms are gone, you can just do them when you feel like it.

I am often asked how the health secrets can possibly unclog veins and arteries that are completely plugged up?

When veins and arteries are plugged solid they become hardened, and lose their flexibility. This condition can stop circulation completely, or only allow a small amount of blood to flow.

One of the formulas in the regime softens, and puts elasticity back into the walls of the veins and arteries. This not only allows for a small improvement in blood circulation, but also provides the opportunity for the other formulas in the regime that have the ability to dissolve the plaque and sludge to penetrate the entire length of the blockage, so they can do their job effectively.

Extended blockages take more time to cure then a centralized blockage, but all blockages will eventually succumb to these powerful natural remedies.

What is the Regime?

Mother Nature provides us with four specific "Miracle Foods" that have the ability to heal our bodies and help us maintain optimum health. The problem is, few people know about or appreciate the value of these foods, and avoid including them in their diet in the way nature intended. They were well known in folklore, and by doctors from long ago, but not today.

It should be noted that these "Miracle Foods" do not constitute a meal. They are simply highly nutritious, healing ingredients that can be quickly formulated into a delicious tasting drink!

All you have to do is formulate the ingredients in the correct way in your kitchen once a day. There is no cooking involved, and all of the ingredients are common grocery store items. You will, however, have to purchase three of the ingredients at your local health food store. Like so many other grocery store products, these particular items are usually so adulterated or diluted they no longer provide the health benefits nature intended.

It is unlikely you will find these health secrets anyplace else. They are a compilation taken from my forty-eight year collections of natural home remedies.

Note: One or more of the ingredients may not be suitable for diabetics.

Here Are Just a Few of the Other Benefits
You Will Enjoy

These Particular Nutrient Rich Foods Are So Important To the Wellness of The Human Body

They Actually Reverse the Aging Process!

As we get older the modern diet alone simply does not support our body’s needs.

Thinning Hair: Because these natural health secrets are so effective in dissolving sludge and plaque, they even unclog the very tiny blood veins in the scalp that nourish the hair roots. In a short time you will see new hair growth in the thinning areas.

Gray Hair: Even if your hair is totally gray, as you continue the regime you will see your hair’s youthful color begin to return. You can expect to achieve the salt and pepper look within three to four months. As our bodies age, the regime replaces nutrients the body can no longer produce or maintain on its own.

Youthful Looking Skin: Just because we age doesn’t mean we have to put up with dry skin. Within one week after starting the regime you will find that you will look younger and no longer need creams and lotions to have that younger look!

ED: If poor circulation is the cause, the problem will be resolved. Your doctor has a simple test to diagnose this common affliction.

Dry Eyes: The symptoms will go away.

Arthritis: Relieves arthritis discomfort.

Age Spots: Fades or dissipates age spots.

Reverses Heart Disease: After a few weeks your doctor will confirm it!

Stroke: Relieves the conditions that can lead to a stroke. After a few weeks your doctor will confirm it!


Enjoy the most restful, rejuvenating sleep you’ve ever experienced. In fact, you’ll find that you will become fully refreshed with less sleep time.

You will feel healthier, enjoy increased energy, and supercharge your immune system.

These cures work equally as well for nonsmokers and smokers.

Here’s The Best Part

You don’t have to stop taking your drugs when you start using the health secrets. They can in no way conflict with any medications you are now taking. (This fact will become crystal clear when you see what the secrets are.) Just start incorporating them into your daily routine and in two to three weeks both you and your doctor will agree your days of having to take those unhealthy, expensive drugs are over!

What Users are Saying

In addition to my own experience with these powerful life saving health secrets, to date I have accumulated several testimonials that demonstrate their effectiveness and value. Some were unsolicited, and were received at a time before I had any thoughts of marketing this information. Here are some favorites:

The first testimonial came from a friend who was suffering serious side effects from taking a Statin drug. When I discovered his dilemma, I suggested that he try the same natural cure that helped me when I was in the same situation. Well, he did, and this is what he had to say the next time I saw him:

He told me that after I gave him the information he stopped taking his drugs. With a broad smile on his face he went on to tell me that when he eventually told his doctor that he stopped taking the drugs, his doctor was horrified, and rushed him in for tests. He said the doctor was totally astonished by the test results. The only thing his doctor could say was "I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but what ever it is, just keep doing it!"

Another testimonial was totally unexpected. It came from an elderly gentleman that I only met once. Because he looked like he was in poor health, and was having a difficult time walking, I asked him what was wrong. He told me he had Peripheral Artery Disease and was suffering with arterial blockages in his legs. He said the drugs he was taking were not helping. I told him I had some information that I thought might help, and would mail it to him as soon as I got home.

The following Christmas I received a beautiful card from him with this note enclosed:

"Jerry, thank you so much for the information you sent me. After five years of suffering with Peripheral Artery Disease, and not being able to walk more then a few feet without sever pain in my legs, I am now as good as new. It only took three weeks from the time I started using the information you sent me to experience significant improvement. Thank you again."

P. S. "When I told my doctor how I did it, he started using the information himself!"

"…When my boyfriend started using your health secrets I was skeptical, and refused to try them myself. My skepticism did not last long. After watching him deteriorate from Peripheral Artery Disease for years, and having to do all the grocery shopping myself while he waited in the car, I was shocked when he followed me into the grocery store one day".

"Because strokes run in my family, I decided to try them. The next time I visited my doctor she was stunned, and insisted that I tell her my secret. My test results were normal for the first time in years"…

"Dear Jerry,

I am going to use your Health Secrets for the rest of my life. They’ve already made a great difference in how I feel in less than two weeks.

I’m a 65 year old female who was reluctantly planning a trip to Ireland with my family in September. Reluctant because I have peripheral artery disease (P.A.D.) and have leg pain when I walk a short distance. Because I feel better now, I’m exercising more and I can walk a little further each day.

It’s easier to get up in the morning. Where I used to feel tired when I awoke at 9:00AM, now I get up feeling energetic at 7:30AM.

My blood pressure is lower. I have one of those home BP machines and can’t wait till I go to the doctor and have him take my blood pressure. He’ll be as impressed as I am.

The amazing part of these recipes it that they taste very good and are actually refreshing.

Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. You’re helping a lot of people. Please add me to your mailing list."


Pat Kempton
Concord, Ohio

"...All I can say is WOW! My doctor thought the lab made a mistake, and ordered the tests again.

You might consider calling your health secrets Natures Natural Liquid Plumber for the circulatory system..."


J. D.
San Diego, CA.

Question from eBay member who decided to purchase:

Q: I've been told when something sounds too good to be true it generally is. I would love to try your remedy but I have been ripped off a few times with false advertising. What can you tell me to convince me.

A: I don't blame you for being skeptical. I've been ripped off a few times too. The Health Secrets have been marketed on eBay for almost a year, and there have been nothing but positive feedback from my customers. If eBay even thought the product claims were not legitimate, or received any complaints, they would not allow the listing. I'm so sure the Health Secrets will work for anyone who uses them, I offer a one year 100% money back guarantee, even though I know customers will be delighted with the results they get within a few short weeks. Thanks for your interest, Jerry Nokes

Simply Put

There is no reason to continue taking expensive drugs that can damage your body and health when you can solve Cholesterol, blockage, and High Blood Pressure problems safely and naturally for only pennies a day.

It’s true there are many natural treatments on the market today, but have you noticed that they all require that you keep buying a new supply of something month after month…just like the drug companies do? And, how many offer a true 100% Money Back--One Year Guarantee…and…Guarantee Results?

Now, once you have this knowledge, you won’t have to buy anything other then the natural, healthy ingredients needed… And, once your health is fully restored, intermittent use is all that is required to maintain optimum health.

Please Rest Assured

The Results I am Promising You are
100% Guaranteed!

If you, for any reason are not completely satisfied with the information you receive, or if you don’t get the results you expected, simply let me know and I will cheerfully refund the purchase price (no questions asked.) You don’t even have to send anything back to me.

If you have any questions e-mail me at:

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